Online Encyclopedia of Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes

/ Inge Arteel, Lars Bernaerts, Vincent Broqua, Dirk De Geest, Michel Delville, Thomas Eder, Brigitte Félix, Roland Innerhofer, Ilse Logie, Sabine Müller, Hans Vandevoorde, Kris Van Heuckelom, Bart Vervaeck (Eds.)

Leuven : European Neo-Avant-Garde, 2021

Thomas Eder

Roland Innerhofer

Sabine Müller

The continuing mission of The Online Encyclopedia of Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes or OELN is to explore the strange, new worlds of experimental literatures which show affinity with the aims and strategies of the historical avant-gardes, but which also transform them in dialogue with new political and technological contexts. The encyclopedia aims to make literary neo-avant-gardes from around the world more visible and accessible for scholars, students, and readers. The chapters of the OELN are divided into four sections: Authors, Concepts, Movements, and Works.