Data Management for Doctoral Candiates

Online Workshop

980017 TS 2021W

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Good data management is of great importance for the successful implementation and completion of a large research project such as a dissertation project. In addition, many funding institutions require a data management plan that outlines how the data for a specific project will be collected, organised, stored, shared, archived and disposed.
This workshop addresses doctoral candidates who have to deal with data during their dissertation and want to learn more about how to archive them and make them accessible to others. Data includes images, texts, audio or video files that you produce during your work.
Raman Ganguly from the Central IT Service of the University of Vienna and Susanne Blumesberger from the Vienna University Library will show you ways and possibilities to handle your data professionally. Using your examples, we will discuss how to describe objects, which formats you should work with, how to specifically share your data with others, what you should consider legally, and why it is important to ask yourself certain questions at the very beginning of your research.

More information: https://datamanagement.univie.ac.at/en/research-data-management/